The undergraduate Polytech FLOW Summer School program is dedicated to the study of Grand Industrial Challenges in France.

Enrollment: March 1st



  • FEAT:  Food,winE,wATer : These courses will include food engineering, wine technology as well as science and technology of water.
  • SEM: Sustainable Energy and Materials : These courses will cover nuclear energy and renewable energy, as well as the science and technology of the materials involved in the production and storage of those energies.
  • DIP: Data and Information Processing - These courses will focus on the transformation of  measurements from our environment to signal and then to data


Vidéo "Introduction fo FLOW" (YouTube - 2'59'')


Vidéo "FLOW 2022 - Student testimonies" (YouTube - 3'24'')

Program Dates

Polytech FLOW 2024 will gather international students for a 4-week Summer School program from May 21st to June 14th, 2024.

Courses / Credits

All program activities will take place in Montpellier.

Students will receive 60h of taught-in-english scientific and technological courses (lectures and practical), as well as 16 hours of cross-disciplinary project on sustainability and 24 hours of French courses and sociocultural activities. 

Tuition and fees

Regular fees: 3600

Students from partner universities: 1800€


  • Accommodation and meals (family home)
  • Transfers and local transportation pass
  • Scientific lectures and activities (60h, 4 ECTS*)
  • Cross-disciplinary project on sustainability (16h, 1 ECTS)
  • French courses and virtual sociocultural activities (24h, 1 ECTS)

* 2 European Credits (ECTS), corresponding to 1 US credit.



Vidéo "FLOW - Nanomaterials" (YouTube - 2'05'')


Vidéo "FLOW - Food science" (YouTube - 1'47'')


Vidéo "FLOW - Big Data Management" (YouTube - 1'49'')


Vidéo "FLOW - Internet of Things" (YouTube - 2'19'')


Vidéo "FLOW - Water Science" (YouTube - 2'15'')


Vidéo "FLOW - Solar Energy" (YouTube - 2'09'')